Boma or Lease Area Surveying

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After a Boma or Lease Area Surveying in Melbourne?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

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  • Boma or Lease Area Surveys – mainly required for leasing areas of commerical or industrial buildings

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Contact us today for a prompt accurate land surveying service at a competitive price.

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Whether you are planning to offer your property on lease or hire some other property n lease basis, you will first have to undergo a lease area survey. The survey I a process of measuring a land or some area inside a building. The measurement of the area further serves as the basis of calculating the rental value of the entire land or premises, that will further undergo the lease agreement. There are primarily 3 types of lease surveys:

Different types of lease surveys:

Usually, three different types of lease survey are performed:

  • Net area survey: This type of survey is performed for commercial properties such as business parks and official buildings.
  • Gross Area Surveys: For an industrial area such as warehouses, showrooms, industrial workshops and other free-standing supermarkets must undergo gross area surveys.
  • Gross area surveys for retail tenancies in case of shopping centres, shopping strips and free-standing shops

Lease area surveys are also known by the name of Lease Plan Surveys and Lettable Area Surveys and are important to be accurate as they are the basis of the rent you might pay or receive from any property.

Why do you need a lease area surveying?

Different type of properties requires a different type of lease are surveying and identifying this is not easy. You will need the expertise of a professional lease area surveyor to make sure you are performing the right survey for your type of property. A common reason you need lease area surveying includes:

  • To ensure that the lease complies with the legal requirements of the Property Council of Australia. This becomes more important in case of long-term and high-value leases.
  • One can also avoid owner-tenancy disputes for the land/ property for the entire lease period. To understand it in plain words, as an owner, you will be interested in renting a specific area for lease and not less or more, similarly, as a tenant, you would like to pay for the only area you have taken on rent. To accurately identified area and its value help both the owner as well as the tenant and prevent any disputes.
  • For future business planning by helping they identify costs and uses of any land or building space. While it may not affect you in the short run, a miscalculated lease area can be significant in the case of 10 years.

Why choose Bt Surveys for lease area surveying?

BT survey offers its assistance for lease area surveying to Tenants, property owners, property managers and agents. We help our customers enter into any lease agreement with no doubt and total peace of mind. With our expertise, we can help you measuring and assessing any type of land, building or building space and decide the most effective rice. We have already helped a range of residential, commercial and industrial client with lease area surveying services in Melbourne and surrounds.

We ensure the most accurate measurement and assistance in measurement and help you determine the best price. Some of the reasons you must hire BT Surveys include:

  • Highly experienced and killed lease surveyors in our team to help you with all type of property lease surveying.
  • Year of experience of offering lease area surveying and offering great result.
  • Affordable and efficient service with assurance of quality and accuracy.


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