Estate Planning and Development Surveying

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After Estate Planning and Development Surveyor in Melbourne?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

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  • Estate Planning and Development Surveys – Subdivision design, council permits and zoning applications

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Contact us today for a prompt accurate land surveying service at a competitive price.

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Whether you are planning to build a new school, a residential complex or any other commercial building, you need to plan the entire process first. This includes preserving buildings and communities and/ or work on an area to fill them with new lease of life.  The process itself is very complex and you will need expert guidance and supervision to make sure you are on the right track. As the name suggests, estate-planning and development surveying is one of the primary surveys that must be conducted by an expert before you start to set up or make fit out changes in any property commercial and industrial.

A common case where you will need to hire an expert for estate planning and development surveying includes:

  • Setting up any food premises, store or any other business
  • Trying to make changes to the existing shop front
  • Installing signage to the building
  • Making changes in the existing fit-outs of a shop
  • Installing heaters or outdoor seatings on any footpath

At BT Surveys, we can help you with your requirements for estate planning and development surveying. We offer our services to contractors, developers and engineers to help them in seeking various permits and approvals.

Why do you need a development surveying?

Before you start with constructing or upgrading your commercial or industrial property, it is important to seek a range of permits and approvals from different authorities. By contacting the local council building or the local planning department, you make it clear that the construction that you are going to undergo, is 100% authentic and there is no risk of legal complications in the future. There are unique requirements of the local councils and hence it is important to meet them before you could start with the project. You can also assure whether you need a building or planning permit for your work.

Whenever you are planning to make major constructional changes in your existing property structure or planning to develop land or lot, you must avail estate planning and development surveying services. Important steps taken under estate planning and development surveying include:

  • Checking the planning zone and overlay applied to the property you are buying
  • Check the heritage listing of the property, in case it is listed, you will need extra approval for modification
  • Meet the council planner and highlight your concerns
  • Undergo the various step related with the process of making a change to retail or commercial preemies.


Why choose Btsurveys for development surveying?

At BT Surveys, we are the leading estate planning and development surveyors in the region. We have successfully helped several builders and property owners in bring positive and constructional changes in their properties, after seeking all the necessary approvals. Today, the building we surveyed are upright and legally free from any dispute.

We understand the critical nature of the job and thus possess the best skills and equipment to offer well-constructed and detailed reports of development surveys. The job included talking to various council and authorities and ensure permit approvals. With our great relationship with council and an understanding with the entire working system, we can secure your permit easily and without wasting your resource.

You should hire us because:

  • We are licensed and certified estate planning and development surveyor with years of experience.
  • We bring you expertise and reliability of work, that you do not have to bother with the process
  • We have a great network and understanding with all the authorities and we understand how to make the best report to suit the regulatory requirements
  • We offer you comprehensive services, including assessing the property, preparing the report submitting them in the respective office and seeking approvals.


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