Feature Surveying

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After a Feature Surveyor in Melbourne?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

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  • Feature Surveys – offering a final plan in hard copy and/or digital format all showing all types of land features such as services, trees, buildings, height, ridges, windows, etc.

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Contact us today for a prompt accurate land surveying service at a competitive price.

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Are you planning new construction or want to renovate an existing building? I developing, rebuilding or alteration of a new or existing property in your pipeline? You need to hire the service of a feature surveyor first!

Feature surveyingis a detailed survey, performed by a licensed Melbourne land surveyor, which offer the detail about all the relevant features of a particular site. Also known as Topographic survey or Contour survey the report of this survey include details like buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication pits, roads, driveways, special features, and levels across the property. Whether you are planning a renovation, or maximize the lot yield; the report comes up as a very important document.

The feature surveyors are expert of determining the boundaries, subdivision and other aspects that affect the engineers work pace or of anyone else related to the construction process.

The accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the feature survey record are very crucial for a modern builder to ensure that the construction is exemplary with liaison to all regulatory and governing authorities and guideline. Whether residential, commercial or industrial constructionsite, feature surveyservice are the initial aspect of every construction project.

Why do you need a feature survey?

Feature survey presents you a detailed account of the property and its surroundings. There are several reasons you would need a feature/ topographic or contour survey including:

  • It I the first assessment report for any property, whether residential, commercial or industrial.
  • The reports of the survey help you to expand your lot yield
  • To forward proposals and seek permissions of the subdivision, planning landscaping design and building application.
  • It has all the noteworthy detail and hence serves as the prime document for assessment and planning by Councils, architects, engineers and builders
  • The nature of feature survey/ contour survey/ topographic surveyis accurate and informative and hence can be trusted.
  • It offers crucial details including:
  1. Underground services near the site
  2. Utility connection located nearby
  3. All building and other site details in 1m of boundary
  4. Contour level information

Plans for approval of development

The reports presented to you by a professional feature land surveyor is accurate. You can plan your development project based on these guidelines and confidently submit it to the designated local authorities for all sorts of approvals required for the project.

These plans can be procured in hard copy a well as a soft document and sent to the respectivedepartment, by hand or through email or any other electronic communication mode.


Why choose Btsurveys for feature surveying? 

An accurate and well-constructed feature survey report helps you identify the local features in and around your site. Hence, t is important to hire a professional for feature surveying. At BT Surveys, we are licensed feature surveyors with all the qualifications and skills required for the job, we have successfully helped several land developers and realtors with our exemplary services and are proud to deliver accuracy and information in every report.

Feature survey is important for your building site as it makes the base of several approvals you seek from the local authorities. Hence, its structure and accuracy matters a lot. Our team of professional surveys are dedicated and well-experienced in providing an accurate representation of the property feature with all crucial details that must be included in a feature survey report.

The skills and knowledge required for feature surveying are rather technical and hiring a non-licensed feature surveyor might put you at a risk. Do not put yourvaluable real estate project at a risk and hire the professionalsfor accurate and reliable feature surveying. Connect with us at BT Surveys!!





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