Land Subdivisions Surveying

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After a Land Subdivision Surveyor?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

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  • Land Subdivision Surveys – from 2 lot subdivisions to multi-lot, to estate scale subdivisions

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Contact us today for a prompt accurate land surveying service at a competitive price.

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What is land subdivisions surveying?

To achieve successful completion of a project, one has to attend the complicated matter of subdivision, which is rather a complex one. Subdividing the property is no easy task and it is must to hire expert surveyors and land mappers to assist you in the job. It is basically a process of dividing or splitting any property into small parts or parcel of land. The process is also known as subdivision platting.

There is a lot to subdivision surveying that it meets the eyes. First and foremost, you will have to identify whether or not the land has the potential for subdivision- this means assessing if it can be subdivided? This is where a licensed subdivision surveyor comes into the picture as he is the one who knows the job right. At BT Surveys, we are a team of licensed subdivision surveyors. We keep a keen eye on all details related to your subdivision, including:

  • Council Restrictions
  • Traffic flow
  • Land topography

This helps us give you a better idea of the subdivision, the layout and shape of the land and the potential cost of the land subdivision surveying. We handle individual residential subdivision projects and Strata and Community Title Subdivision. We offer detailed reports, keeping in mind the size and requirements of the property. Our reports are reliable and affordable for every entity, planning a potential construction or development project.


Why do you need a land subdivisions surveying?

There are several council restrictions as well as topographic factors that differentiate one land from another. If you are planning to develop infrastructure at any land, you need to identify the needs of the land and make sure that the land is available for subdivision. This cannot be done by a layman and hence you require the expertise of a licensed and experienced land subdivision surveyor. Moreover, the subdivision surveying requirements of individual and commercial projects are different, which further complicates the entire process.  Hence, the role of land subdivision surveyor is a lot more crucial than it may seem.

You need subdivision services to:

  • To get the right picture of a property and its subdivision potential
  • The reports help in identifying the adherence of local subdivision ordinance
  • It helps to identify whether the plot has the potential for residential, commercial or any other type of construction.
  • Identify the plot details in terms of lot size, allowed mis-closures for the survey, corner marks to be used, the minimum width of streets and rules for the registry.

The details also include a survey of roads, parkland dedication, drainage and utility easement as well as the connectivity of various services to a land. At BY Surveys, we can help you with the best services for subdivision surveying in the region.


Why choose BT Surveys for land subdivisions surveying?

With a team of professional and licensed surveyors, we, at BT Surveys are all set to offer you the most dependable subdivision surveying services. We are experienced and skilled in performing subdivision surveys for all types of lands including industrial and commercial including business parks, office complexes and industrial estates, town houses or unit developments.

We also specialise in dealing with subdivision requirements of authorities such as councils and government, and service authorities. We understand the requirements of the contractors, town planners and urban designers and offer them the most appropriate details to make their work easier.

We are reliable land subdivision surveyors with knowledge of all the requirements of the job. We have assisted many clients with accurate and well-constructed reports and are readily available to help others. Our services are affordable and hence approachable for one and all.

We maintain great networking with Council Planners and Subdivision Officers, Referral Authority Representatives, Land Victoria and the Office of the Surveyor General. We also respect the client and believe in long term business relationship. Our customer services are matchless and so is our commitment to quality and results.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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