Title Boundary Surveying

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After a Title Boundary surveyor?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

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  • Title Boundary Surveys – also known as Restablishment or Reclocation surveys. Results presented in plan and/or report format showing boundary marks placed and their relationships to the existing fencing/buildings/occupation

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Contact us today for a prompt accurate land surveying service at a competitive price.

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Title boundary surveying is commonly known as boundary survey or boundary marking and is one of the foremost processes involved in the real estate development process. As the name suggests, it is the process to assess the boundaries of property first and then mark them physically for identification purpose. The process also includes determining the easements, covenants, restrictions related to any location. The process offers a land/ property owner certainty about the boundary of the property. Whether it I a process to start the construction from scratch, fencing the boundaries or developing an existing infrastructure, clear identification of boundaries is very important.

Boundary surveys are important:

Title boundary surveying is critical as it gives you a clear identification of the boundary of any given property. This helps you avoid property dispute and also the boundary surveying report serves as valid proof of your boundaries, in case of any property dispute. However, for this, it I important that you hire an experienced title boundary surveyor for the survey. Moreover, a boundary survey gives you information about any restriction and covenant on the property, hence offer you better information to plan the construction/ expansion process.

Process involved in title boundary surveying?

Title Boundary surveying is an intricate process that should be performed by expert boundary surveyors only. The professionals possess the best grade of knowledge and equipment to identify the boundaries and mark them later, physically. Here are the various steps involved in the title boundary surveying:

  • The first step is calculating the boundaries from the registered Deposited Plans and Title, after thorough investigation and analysis.
  • Visiting the site to assess the boundary fixation and once determined, physically marking the boundaries for better identification
  • Planning the drafting and ensuring high quality with all important quality assurance techniques and equipment
  • Issuing a Boundary Marking sketch which showcases all the marks placed in an electronic format, preferably PDF format.

The process is critical and must be done with excellence to ensure high-grade accuracy in results. The certified boundary surveyor will make sure to keep all the aspects of title boundary surveying in mind and justify all the pre-requisite of the process. At BT Survey we are professional and experienced in offering title Boundary surveying services. We are well equipped and experienced to undertake all your projects for Title boundary survey requirement.

Why choose BTsurveys for title boundary surveying?

It is important that a boundary survey is legally apt and an accurate diagram of the legit boundaries of any property. At BT Survey we present ourselves as the most reliable and professional boundary surveyors in the region. All our boundary surveyors are licensed and certified to survey any type of property and identify its boundaries. With the latest equipment and technology, we make sure to accurately identify and mark the boundaries of any property and redefine them. The complete reports are submitted to the clients in a well-documented plan, which can be treated as a legal document, once it is registered with the Titles office.

Ever since our inception, we have paid great importance to individuality and hence understand that no two projects are same. We offer bespoke services for your type of project and type of boundary survey you require. While getting certainty about your property’s boundary is important, you as the property owner, might not know a lot about boundary identification and marking. This is where our expertise in title boundary surveying comes handy for you. We are licensed, knowledgeable and experienced boundary surveyors, offering you the best services at the most affordable rates. Connect with our experts today and get clarification on the title boundaries of your property.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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